Proton Advisors brings years of experience to your engagement.  Our expertise is focused around three axes:  An industry/sector view, a geographic view, and a functional view.

Industry/Sector Areas of Expertise: Proton Advisors has working knowledge in these two business sectors:

  • Financial Services: We have expertise in the global securities markets, including deep expertise in all aspects of electronic trading,  market data, order routing, execution management, order management, order matching and execution.  We also have substantial expertise in independent/automated research technologies, including internet technologies such as semantic search and analysis.  We have worked for market data and information vendors, brokerages, stock exchanges, and asset managers, advising on and delivering solutions for electronic trading.
  • Networking and Telecommunication: We have extensive experience in global telecommunications, with a strong focus on business-to-business IP services and low latency networking for high-speed trading strategies. We have worked for network and telecommunications companies, been customers of those companies, and have advised network and telecommunications companies as well as network and telecommunications hardware and software suppliers.

Geographic Expertise: Proton Advisors has worked with clients to deliver solutions around the world, with particularly strong experience in the major financial markets.

Functional Expertise: Proton Advisors has working experience in the following functional areas:

  • Business Strategy – The foundation of your success is a business strategy that recognizes the strengths that you bring to the marketplace, and deploys your assets optimally to exploit those strengths.  We can help you develop and refine your strategy.
  • Operational Execution – It doesn’t matter how brilliant your strategy is unless it is effectively executed.  Your goals and objectives must flow from that strategy, and be supported by the right measurements, reward systems, and business processes.  We can help you implement your strategy and troubleshoot your current operations.
  • Marketing Strategy and Product Development – A core element of any strategy is an understanding of what the market will pay for, and an ability to deliver products that customers will value.  We can help you implement an effective, market driven product development methodology, and develop an effective go-to-market approach.
  • Information Technology and Business Process – Underlying the success of any business strategy today is a set of information systems that are driven by and aligned with your business goals.  You must have effective systems to manage your order-to-cash cycle, your customer service interactions, and to provide you with the information you need to support timely and quality decision making.  We can assess your information technology systems, business processes, and organization, and recommend how to improve them so that they effectively support your business goals.

Proton Advisors is the trade name of Brenchris, Inc., incorporated in the state of New York.
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