Proton Advisors is proud to have served many of the world’s leading businesses and investors.  A few references are included below, further references are available on request.

James L. Barksdale, Chairman of the Board, Spread Networks:

“Brennan has been a critical member of the team that launched Spread Networks, bringing strong customer relationships, a deep understanding of the market, and the ability to turn a technology asset onto a saleable service.  I greatly appreciate the work he has done for Spread Networks and highly recommend him.”

Roger Ehrenberg, Managing Partner at IA Ventures:

“Brennan was specifically brought in to rationalize the organization structure, make key hires, implement a metrics-driven performance measurement system and get product out the door. He accomplished all four goals with speed and efficiency. He proved himself to be a strong recruiter and a disciplined manager, possessing the ability to make the difficult decisions. Brennan had to manage both upward and downward in very hard circumstances, and did a good job at both. As Chairman of the Board he provided excellent transparency into the business, raised important issues early and often but was strong enough to make his views known. He also has high standards of ethics and integrity. In sum, Brennan is both a person and a professional I would be pleased to work with again in the future.”

Jed Katz, Managing Director at Javelin Venture Partners:

“I hired Brennan to be the company’s CEO. He joined a very challenging situation and I can say with confidence that Brennan performed magnificently. He is an extremely intelligent and forward thinking manager, capable of navigating the complex cultural dynamics typical of a start-up. He can think very strategically, and act very tactically. Able to communicate incredibly clearly and always speaking candidly, Brennan is the kind of manager that venture capitalists love to work with. In fact, I wish we had found him earlier in this company’s history. I would hire Brennan again in a second.”

Kirsten English, Terra Firma Capital Partners:

“Brennan led the charge to develop product and capture new markets which was key in the ultimate success of the company and guided two CEO’s without this industry background in their decision making. He has an invaluable skill in translating technologically complex ideas into concepts which ‘non technical’ decision makers can digest and act upon. Brennan has proven on many occasions that he can think strategically and operate pragmatically to achieve the ‘strategic end game’. He has a great talent in taking the disparate factors around markets, trends, operational angles of a company and articulating a cogent picture and direction. His ability to communicate and convince at the most senior levels internally and externally is a great attribute.”

Howard Edelstein, Operating Partner, Advent International:

“Brennan is extremely intelligent and articulate, with deep knowledge of the financial sector in general, and the equities and technology/telecommunications businesses in particular.  He has led substantial business operations both domestically and internationally, and has as deep experience in “the City” of London as does on Wall Street.  Brennan has a unique ability to think deeply and strategically so he can anticipate industry shifts and identify commercial opportunities, while at the same time being able to drill down into the operational details of making a business work profitably.  He is equally conversant in technology and in the commercial operations of a business, and communicates effectively both internally and externally with customers and the media. Brennan is able to synthesize complex technological and market structure issues and communicate them in a way that is clear and compelling.  I have been able to count on him to be a highly effective spokesman at industry events, panels, and with analysts, investors, and the press.  Brennan would be a tremendous asset for any company in the financial or technology sector, and has my highest recommendation.”

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