Proton Advisors believes that any engagement must deliver tangible business results.

Over the last 25+ years, Brennan Carley has helped numerous firms in the US and Europe develop and deliver strategies to achieve their business goals.

Some examples of engagements with leading Financial Technology, Financial Services, Network and Telecommunications companies:

  • Reviewed proposed growth and diversification strategy for a global messaging and telecommunications business, recommended changes to that strategy, and advised management on possible acquisitions to accelerate the execution of the strategy.
  • Analyzed cost and organizational structure for a startup business with an excessive burn, and reduced burn rate by 40%.
  • Led and stabilized a messaging services business on an interim basis while recruiting permanent head.
  • Implemented structured business review process to drive transparency and accountability.
  • Led the strategic re-organization of Sales organization to improve coverage and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Developed strategy for a trading business, including revised market focus, market segmentation, and supporting product roadmap.
  • Implemented a product lifecycle to support repeatable and scalable product development.
  • Developed a pricing and packaging model to increase product revenues and margins, and differentiate from commodity offerings.
  • Performed assessment and triage of product portfolio to focus resources on a core/strategic product set.

Some examples of engagements for preeminent venture capital and private equity firms:

  • Developed M&A strategy for a portfolio company, sourced and evaluated acquisition candidates.
  • Restructured a partnership to transform passive, non value creating equity investments, into revenue generating business relationships.
  • Ran successful auction to sell the intellectual property of a data services company that was being liquidated.
  • Analyzed trends in global financial technology market and developed an investment thesis, focused on trading technology, information, analytics, alternate execution, and reference data.
  • Led the commercial and technical due diligence for a $75m PIPE investment.
  • Sourced deals, analyzed and performed due diligence on telecom sector investments.
  • Analyzed a subsidiary telecom business, identified an opportunity to sell that business into an industry roll-up, and working with investment banking advisors, led the successful sale of that business.
  • Performed technical due diligence on telecom and software investments by VC fund.
  • Performed commercial and technical due diligence on financial analytic business acquired by a brokerage firm.
  • For a private equity find, supported development of investment thesis for acquisition of a European financial technology business, including assessment of potential operational improvements and M&A opportunities.
  • Provided market analysis and developed business plan for a new telecom business to be funded jointly by a VC fund and a consortium of strategic investors.

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