Proton Advisors works closely with clients and prospective clients to develop a proposal that will address your unique needs.  The following services illustrate what we can do for you:

For Financial Technology, Network and Telecommunications Companies:

  • Business strategy development and analysis, including market and competitive analysis
  • Business plan development and review
  • Business operations review, including assessment of costs, business processes and organization, and implementation of balanced scorecard
  • Merger and acquisition analysis, including integration planning
  • Marketing strategy, including new market entry, pricing strategy, and product positioning
  • Product development and product lifecycle management
  • IT strategy development
  • IT operational assessment

For Financial Services Companies (e.g. Brokerages Investment Banks, Exchanges, Asset Managers):

  • Product development
  • IT strategy development
  • IT operational assessment
  • Vendor analysis

For Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms:

  • Investment thesis development
  • Deal sourcing, including follow-on acquisition opportunities
  • Commercial due diligence, including market and business plan assessment, analysis of synergies
  • Technical due diligence, including assessment of IT organization, technology strategy, technology infrastructure, architecture, and software development
  • Advise on restructuring and wind-down of portfolio companies – Analyze and re-engineer business plans to remove costs and improve ability to execute, develop strategy for the restructure or disposal of businesses and/or intellectual property

Beyond Advice:

As a nimble organization, we have the ability to provide services in special situations that go beyond what a traditional advisory relationship might encompass.  For example, we can:

  • Provide interim operational management (CEO / General Management)
  • Implement an outsourced sales team
  • Manage PR and Marketing
  • Recruit key staff through our extensive network of first-hand relationships with known executives that we have worked with and who we know can deliver

Proton Advisors is the trade name of Brenchris, Inc., incorporated in the state of New York.
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